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My name is Péter Mihály Cseh, and I was born in Makó, Hungary in 1983. I grew up in a very small in a village called Földeák.

My priestly ordination took place on 5 December 2009 in Pécs. First, I was working as a chaplain in the city center of Dombóvár. Then from the summer of 2010, I became a chaplain in Vásárosdombó, helping Attila Kutas while he was serving the New-Dombóvár parish as a priest. At the end of January, 2011 Bishop Mihály Mayer sent me to Pécs to the St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish.Now I live in Szálka, near Szekszárd.

My motto as a priest is the following: “Stretch out your hand!” (Mk 3,5) I never even thought of becoming a priest until I reached the age of twenty, although during my teenage years I did serve at the altar a lot, began to pray the rosary and read the Bible every day. My childhood dream was to become the No 1 football player in the world, and I did my best to reach my goal. Then I had a real turning point in my life during my college years at the University of Szeged as a member of a Catholic youth community. That was the moment when I first experienced the personal love from Jesus, and was filled with the strength from the Holy Spirit through the Charismatic Renewal Movement. It all started a big change in me, which is only comparable to what happens at the Formula 1 races where the flaming red Ferrari in ready to start, the engines are spinning, and the race begins. There is a gigantic competition in the world between Jesus and Satan. Of course this fight is going on behind the scenes, but even when two people simply meet, the two different sources of motivation are hidden behind. Jesus has already won. He calls everybody to himself with his clear and cutting glance. I believe that all that He wants for us is goo. His cheerful smile awakens our trust in Him and teaches us to trust one another. It became an essential part of my life to listen to the Holy Spirit to guide me and to see what He has to say to me through the Church, my spiritual leader, my own experiences and through the confirming signs.

Please-, say the following prayer with faith and receive the blessings that God wants to give you this moment:

“Jesus, I trust in you! Show me your love; lead me out into the light! Help me love You and love those I am going to meet. Lord Jesus, I believe that you are alive! Pour your Father’s Spirit on me from high above! Amen.”

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